The Finders Golf Club


7-Day Membership

Suits the regular player with unrestricted access 7 days per week.

Provisional Membership

Ideal for the player who prefers mid week golf with access to our Tuesday and Thursday competitions and allowing restricted weekend access with social play available Saturday after 2.00pm and Sunday after 12.00 noon.

Restricted Membership

Offers players competition golf on a Tuesday and allows them access to restricted social play on Thursday & Saturday after 2.00pm and Sundays after 12 noon.

Introductory Membership

Best suited to the occasional player who enjoys playing competitive golf. This membership allows the player to retain an official Golf Australia handicap and on payment of the member introduced green fee access to unlimited social golf and up to 12 competition rounds (Thursday or Saturday) per year. Numbers are limited.

Social Membership

Ideal for the player looking for the camaraderie of a club atmosphere while providing access to social golf. This option includes 10 complimentary rounds of non-competition golf per annum, with subsequent games requiring payment of the member introduced green fee. Social members are not able to attain a Golf Australia handicap.

Older Junior Membership (ages 19 -21)

Play is permitted 7 days a week

Younger Junior Membership (ages 12 - 18)

Play is permitted 7 days a week but may be subject to conditions at certain times of the year. Applicants under 12 years of age will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Intermediate Membership (ages 22 - 25)

This category is designed for full time students or those employed under a government registered training agreement.  Play is permitted 7 days a week.

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