2017 Women’s Championships

Published on 29th May 2017 in Past News Story

The 2017 Women’s Golf Championships were predicted to be played in cold, stormy weather but the day was much better than that. B Grade semi finalists, Soontharee Wongsanchai and Suzanne Middleton Smart teed off first with their caddies, Cath Horan and Helen Higginson. Suzanne was a little nervous at first but soon settled into the game and played some great golf. Soontharee was steady and made few errors and won on the 14th.

The championship finalists, Sue Cutten and Heather Cameron were supported by caddies, Mary Hosking and Kate Fletcher. Sue and Heather played such an equal game which took them to the 20th hole when that one all important putt was the winner for Sue. What a game, played with great sportsmanship and followed by some hardy members to the end. And then to the clubhouse for presentations and celebrations as the rain began in earnest!

Congratulations to the four champions for providing such great golf to watch and enjoy.









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