Captains Trophy

Published on 18th August 2017 in Golf News

The first round is now complete, and despite the fact that many of our entrants had a bye, there were a few early upsets. The exit of the Club Captain and a previous winner of the event Adrian Smith, AKA Bear, were notable, and we congratulate those who were good enough to get across the line in their respective matches.

Round two has now commenced, and those fortunate enough to have a bye in the first round have their opportunity to test their skills against those already in match mode. The second round is to be complete by 9th September, good luck all.

Please see Draw attached

1st Round to be played by- 12/8
2nd Round to be played by – 9/9
3rd Round to be played by – 23/9
4th Round to be played by- 7/10
Semi Final to be played by- 21/10
Final – 28/10

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