Extreme Weather Policy

Published on 30th November 2019 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News

Since the Club’s new automated lightning air horn siren was commissioned, and made active, we have had the ability to act quicker in the event of lightning in the area to do all that we can to ensure the safety of our golfers on course.

As a reminder to members, the air horn siren is operated remotely, and we have given a variety of staff access to it to ensure coverage at all operating times of the Club.

As it stands, there are three sirens – one on the golf shop roof, one siren located at the pump shed on the 14th hole, and one at the 10th tee.

As members would be aware, last year the Club invested in a real time lightning tracker software, which alerts the staff when there is lightning in the vicinity, at which time the sirens will be activated, and the course evacuated.

The Clubs Policy on lightning is very clear, and reads as follows:

When a lightning strike is detected within 15km of the club, play on the course and the use of the practice facilities will be immediately SUSPENDED.

The staff will sound the club sirens for a one-minute period, which will indicate a suspension, and all players MUST mark their ball and return to the clubhouse IMMEDIATELY, and await further information.

Play will only resume when there have been no lightning strikes within 15km of the club in a period of at least 30 minutes. At this time, there will be two short blasts from the clubhouse siren to signify resumption of play.

The Club has invested in a ‘real time’ lightning tracker in an effort to increase player safety.

Members, guests and visitors are reminded that when there is lightning in the area, they MUST return to the clubhouse IMMEDIATELY.

Please be aware that in the event that there is lightning in the vicinity, it may be so that the strikes have occurred without golfers being aware of them. 

A reminder that the staff are under instruction – if there are golfers on course when there is lightning in the area, they must evacuate – they don’t have a choice.  Members may disagree with the policy, but that is not up to the staff to engage with them on that topic – it is a Club Policy that has been implemented by the committee.  It is certainly our preference to remove you from the course safely and in a prompt manner, as opposed to having to deal with the potential alternatives!

With a bit of luck, instances where we need to activate the siren, and evacuate the course will be few and far between!!


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