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Published on 27th April 2020 in Local and Member News, Local News, Members News, Social News

For some time now, the General Committee of the FGC has considered compiling a directory of the skills and capabilities of our members.  The Club relies heavily on, and greatly appreciates, the generosity of all its volunteers. This includes Green Girls and Dad’s Army; serving on the General Committee and its sub-committees; being available for informal consultation; providing a service to the golf club or its members; and lending a hand with a particular issue. However, we believe that there are more golf club members who have skills and capabilities that are unknown to us, and that they may be willing to offer, if required, as we navigate our way through this immediate crisis and beyond.  As we are now in operations shut down, we believe that it is now a good time to test interest in this idea.

In short, two directories are proposed:

Skills Directory for which we seek to identify members’ skills. This ‘Skills Directory’ would be used purely for internal purposes and will not published on the Club website or elsewhere. We could use these skills when seeking advice for our general management and/or for our committees, Examples include accountancy, HR, managing a business, horticulture, governance and/or philanthropy. By offering your skills, you are under no obligation to volunteer if and when the time comes.

Member’s Business Services Directory for which we invite you to provide details of any business or service offering that you would like us to advertise on the Members’ section of our website for the benefit of other members only. This could include a discount or benefit that you could offer our members, if they were to use your business or service. Any service offering that we regard as being of interest to our members is welcome whether it be for book-keeping, gardening services, catering, carpentry, etc., provided it does not compete with any of our sponsors who will always receive priority. The club will charge no fee for inclusion in the directory and offer no endorsements of the services being offered.

Again, we stress that participation in either of these directories is voluntary.  If you are willing to participate, we would be grateful if you would complete the appropriate form below.

Member Skills Directory

Member Skills Directory

Member Business Directory

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