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Published on 27th June 2020 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News

A lot has been happening behind the scenes at our club.  Those working on our behalf under difficult conditions have kept the club functioning for us to be able to play and to earn some revenue during this extraordinary time.  To comply with the Covid laws and Golf Australia guidelines has required continual vigilance in an ever-changing situation and the news from the past few days has demonstrated that this will not change for some time yet.   I am sure you would all be behind me when I thank the Office and the Pro-shop staff and the General Committee for their attention to duty so far.

The Clubhouse has opened this week.  CLICK HERE to read more about the guidelines that are in place, there have been a few toasts without a doubt!

Winter Conditions
We have been experiencing these since before Winter arrived,  thanks to the huge rainfall which has broken all records.  The course is unable to absorb all of this moisture and there are some really wet areas.  Do take care in slippery conditions but also try to protect the course, where possible, by making use of the rules, including local, which apply,  without penalty:

Nearest point of relief from temporary water (abnormal course condition)– if water seeps above the sole of your shoe when you take a stance or the ball is partly submerged you may take the nearest point of relief,  no nearer the pin.  See Rule 16.1.

Bunkers  –  if your ball is in a footprint or a divot hole you may take relief within a handspan, no nearer the pin.  You may do this once.  If luck is not on your side and you remain in the bunker!  you may take this relief once for each ensuing shot.  Please remember to smooth as best possible with club and/or foot, before you leave the bunker.  This may mean the next player does not have to waste time taking relief.

Cleaning the ball  –  this is allowed in the General area (i.e. the entire course except the teeing ground, all penalty areas, all bunkers, the putting green of the hole you are playing).   PLEASE clean your ball as quickly as possible.  It is likely that you will need to do this frequently under present conditions and it can contribute to slow play.  Mark your ball quickly and have cleaning equipment with you so that you do not have to go back to your bag.  The idea is to remove excess mud, not to have a sparkling, shiny ball.
NB:  With all relief conditions, as above, it is essential that you mark your ball before taking relief.  

Safety first  –  there have been reports of players slipping when entering and exiting bunkers.  Please,  for your own sake and that of the bunker, only enter and exit at the lowest area.  It may take a few more steps to do this but it will be best for all. 

Mowing  –  to assist us all,  Colin and his staff have been mowing a lot.  You will notice this throughout the course.  It is not possible to mow in excessively wet areas but they will do their best for us throughout the Winter conditions.

Competitions and Events
There have been some good competition scores, despite the heavy conditions.  Our first Monthly Medal to be played on the Women’s Blue Course was held on 06 June.  The weather was not fabulous but we had 30 women playing stroke, 2 played Par off the Blue tees and 4 played Par of the Red course.   It was great to see so many enter the Medal and others use a mix of tees.

Our first “Blue” medal was won by Gen Rawling with an excellent nett 72.  Heartiest congratulations to Gen.  The best gross score was won by Sue Cutten (82) and Mary Hosking won the putting (29).  Well done to both.  By the way,  the Monthly Medal is predominantly blue enamel – very appropriate.  We still have to present Gen with her Medal but will do this when we can use the Clubhouse.

Linda McKee Handicap Matchplay  –  play for this special Board event resumed once we were back on course and Anne-Marie Dyer and Faith Fitzgerald reached the Final which they played on a reasonable day,  accompanied by Ellie Stawell as referee and a small band of loyal supporters, carefully social-distancing!  It was a really interesting match, played in the best of spirits.  Faith played very well, but was eventually worn down by a more experienced matchplay exponent.  Anne-Marie won 4 up, 3 to play.  Congratulations to both for getting to the final,  we will do justice to Anne-Marie’s win when we can present her trophy at a gathering.  Hopefully, before too long.  There is a photo of Anne-Marie and Faith in the pipeline.  

Tue 30 June –  our daily competition is off the GOLD plates.  As you know, you have been encouraged to try the Gold course.  You do lose some handicap strokes but it is a much shorter course, particularly on the holes with the most difficult “carries” between tee and fairway.  Let’s see what we can all do on this day,  it will be an interesting challenge with plenty of positives.

Upcoming events  –  

Sat 04 July is the Monthly Medal and will also be the second round of the Silver Spoon.  Emails to all of those who entered the first round will be sent as a reminder.  However, you may join the field on this day by putting your name down in the pro-shop AND paying $6.00.  There will be a playoff later in the year, hopefully we will be able to play another round or two. 

All Foursomes events have been cancelled ( we cannot share a ball). 

Our Women’s Foursomes Championship will not be held at this stage.  The qualifying round was to be Sat 11 July.  The competition this day is now Par, instead.

Thu 09 July is a 4 Ball Ambrose.

Thu 30 July is Round Robin Day (4BBB)

For your Diary  – our Christmas Lunch on Wed 02 December.  More news to come.  Fingers crossed we can by then open up to full capacity so that we can have some of our retired members and others.

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