Do I Need To Wear A Mask While Playing Golf?

Published on 21st July 2020 in Golf News, Local News, Rules Hub, Social News

Many people are asking, do I have to wear a mask when playing golf? 

The DHHS states: You must wear a face covering when walking for exercise even if the 1.5 metre physical distancing is maintained unless you have a lawful excuse such as a medical condition, where it would be dangerous to have obstructed breathing while walking around. So Yes, you do need to be wearing a mask while you are at Flinders Golf Club.

If you are doing strenuous exercise, such as jogging , running or cycling, you do not need to wear a face covering. You do have to carry a face covering with you so you can wear it before or after exercising.

Further information can be found here at the DHHS website, CLICK HERE.


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