Prevent Injuries- Suitable Shoes for Winter Conditions

Published on 16th July 2020 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News
Please be aware there have been some falls due to slippery conditions in this year of record rainfall.
It is strongly recommended that you wear golf shoes with spikes, not your summer shoes with a slightly pronounced tread.  Only spikes will give you real traction.  The Pro Shop can quickly and efficiently replace old damaged spikes, so check out those old golf shoes you have at home or shout yourself a new pair from the Pro Shop.  Josh is offering a 20 percent discount on spike shoes until the end of winter!
On the 4th hole, the Coffin nearest the Green has been designated GUR.  It is very slippery in there.  You need not enter the Coffin at all as you can take relief with another ball, without penalty, no nearer the pin, from the GUR boundary.  If you MUST retrieve your ball from this Coffin, observe the signs first and be very careful. The best solution would be to use a ball on this hole that you do not mind leaving in the Coffin.  
Stay Safe!
From The Golf Committee

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