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Published on 23rd September 2020 in Golf News, Local and Member News, Members News

If you were watching the U.S Open last week, you would have seen Callaway has recently introduced two new models of clubs. Reva, being purely a range of clubs for women, and BB21 for the men wanting game-improving clubs. Unfortunately, both models won’t have you hit it as far as Bryson DeChambeau! 

Reva – Designed by Callaway, after it was identified that even though they have shafts that women can place into models, they have never had a full range of clubs purely built around how women swing the club. Reva is this, they have built a driver that focuses on areas such as the loft, the swing-weight, the shaft options and most importantly the head design. So that women can not only hit it further, they can find it much easier to find the fairway. We have no doubt in this model being extremely helpful for our women, and we are very excited that when we open our doors again, these clubs will be available to trial on the course and for fittings.

Big Bertha 21 – This model is for the slicers of the golf ball, and from a coaching point-of-view, this is probably 90% of male golfers! For the male golfers who don’t want to work on their swing, but still doesn’t want to be looking in the trees all day for their golf ball! Big Bertha 21 is the club for you; the flash face technology that has been used across previous models now has a more expansive area. Making it much easier to hit the ball further, even when the ball doesn’t find the middle of the club. Built to improve your launch angles, and stop your slice, the large Big Bertha head is specifically engineered with internal draw bias weighting for a straighter, longer ball flight, with an ultra-low forward centre of gravity for low spin. It’s a new formula for distance to give golfers a more consistent ball flight, and more tee shots that find the fairway. Our staff feel that these clubs will suit plenty of our members, that play week-in week-out but just want to go out and enjoy their golf with friends, and not worry so much about their golf swing. These clubs will be available to trial on the course and for fittings when we open up again.

For any further information on these clubs please contact us via email

Josh Shaw
Club Professional

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