Pace of Play and Handy Hints

Published on 22nd September 2020 in New to Golf

Pace of Play and Handy Hints 

  • First and foremost, your place in the field is: Behind the group in front. Not in front of the group behind.
  • Ready Golf is now encouraged: The player with the lowest handicap is responsible for the pace of play. 
  • On the 1st Tee, the player with the lowest handicap should hit off first. 
  • The first person to hit off on the next tee should be the player with the lowest score on the previous hole, and they should hit off before marking their card. (making sure the group in front is out of range) If, however they are not ready, common sense should prevail!

Hint; If you know you’re the shortest hitter try not to be last to hit off, that way you are ready to move off as soon as the others have hit.

  • Out of range usually means they have left the green on a Par 3 or they have played their 2nd shot on a Par 4 or 5. However, each player is responsible for their decision to hit the ball. If you think you may reach a player in front, you must wait. 
  • There are 2 options in the rules if your tee shot heads for the trees/scrub and may be difficult to find:

1.Announce you are playing a provisional ball and take a one stroke penalty. However, the penalty is revoked if you find your 1st ball, which you must play.

 Hint; If you don’t declare that it’s a provisional, it is deemed the ball in play.

2.Declare it unplayable, take a one stroke penalty and tee off again, once the rest of your group has teed off.

Hint; If a player is looking for their ball you may take your shot, if it is safe to do so, and then help look– remember only 3mins are allowed for the search once you have reached the area where you think the ball has landed.

  • Players should always play without delay, moving at a good pace between shots and between holes. Slow play is deemed inconsiderate. 

Hint; Players should be thinking about their next shot as they approach their ball – distance from the hole, club to use etc.

Hint; Always place bag to your right or left hand side, so that there’s no chance of hitting it, and you’re ready to move off after your shot.

  • Unless you are playing stroke, once you have used up all your shots, advise your marker and pick up your ball.

Hint; It’s a good idea to check your score with your marker once on the green.

  • If the group in front are getting too far in front and the group behind are having to wait, it is polite to call them through. 
  • If the group behind aren’t having to wait, but you need to speed up, and you are playing in fours, the following is a stress free way of doing it.

Hint; As soon as the first 2 players have putted out, they move on to the next tee and immediately hit off. It is amazing how quickly this closes the gap.


Housekeeping Hints

  • Always have a couple of tees, a couple of ball markers and a pitch mark repair tool in your pocket 
  • As well as a towel it’s handy to have a damp microfibre cloth with you, to wipe dirty balls and club heads.

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