Women’s News 22.9.2020

Published on 22nd September 2020 in Past News Story

To all our Women Members,

Despite still no golf allowed, I do have some golfing news for you, below.  

Resignations from the General Committee

However, first I need to pass on some distressing news for us all.  Both Mandy Milledge, our marvellous Women’s President, and Judy Rex, champion of many Women’s and new golfers’ matters, have both resigned as members of the General Committee, and Mandy as Women’s President.  Please see messages from them both…

From the Women’s President, Mandy Milledge – 

“It is with much disappointment that I have resigned as Women’s President, effective from 17 September 2020.  Under the Rules of the Club, this was a necessary step in order for me to resign from the General Committee. I am very sorry to have taken this step, but it was the only proper thing to do.  I could no longer support the decisions being made by the majority of the General Committee in relation to the conduct of the Club Captain and its consequences for the Club.

I was honoured to take on the role of Women’s President, and felt a strong sense of commitment to representing and supporting the women members as well as contributing to the overall running of the Club.  I have worked hard for the Club, and most importantly, for the women members in what has been a very challenging year for the Club as a whole.

I am hopeful that the problems leading to so many recent resignations, including our Club President and other valued committee and sub-committee members, will be resolved soon for the sake of the Club. 

I look forward to a return to golf, and to seeing you all down at the Club soon, hopefully next month.”

From Judy Rex, member of the General Committee – 

“Like Mandy, it was with the greatest regret and after much consideration, that last week I made my decision to resign from the General Committee of the Flinders Golf Club.  I did this as I was unable to accept some of the decisions and conduct of the remaining Committee members.  

Since being elected to join the General Committee nearly 2 years ago, I have been a proud committee member, and I have overseen the introduction of many initiatives that are for the long and short term benefit of our much loved golf club.  In particular, I have focused on developing initiatives in accordance with Golf Australia’s Vision 2025 that encourages more girls and women to play golf, from beginners to competitive golf.

I have played golf with many of you, and I have loved getting to know more of our men and women members.  This will not change, and I very much look forward to the course re-opening, soon.” 

My enormous thanks to both Mandy and Judy for the excellent work they have done for us all and the support they have given me.  I am now a one-woman band….. if anyone is interested in joining a Women’s Committee I would love to hear from you.  Interests that may appeal to you and for which your assistance would be gratefully received are: board and committee experience,  an interest in the golf club and particularly Women’s business, an interest in golf competition, new member assimilation, hospitality within our club and for interclub events,  training and clinics, rules, etiquette,  and any others.

Resignations from the Golf Committee

My most sincere thanks also to Ellie Stawell and Greg Dedman who have also resigned their positions from the Golf Committee.  Both Ellie and Greg were on the Golf Committee with me and were very supportive of Women’s matters, as well as being dedicated to the FGC.  I miss their knowledge and support.  Since their resignations they have continued their member support with the Zoom Rules sessions which many of you have attended in past weeks.  I know you would want to join me with special thanks for running these sessions.  The purpose was not only to teach rules and etiquette but for members to get to know each other in this time of isolation.  I am sure quite a few of you will now feel you have made friends and will know a few more faces when we eventually get back to our course.  Thank you Ellie and Greg.

Golf News

Nothing is certain when we will resume playing golf, when we will resume competitions and social events. We are hopeful that we still may squeeze in another Saturday and another mid-week monthly Medal before the end of the year.  We may manage to play for the Medalist of Medalists in the first week of December, based on the results of the Saturday monthly Medal.  We may even manage the Club Championships in November/ December.  We have a few Women’s events which are concurrent with the Club Championships – it would be fun to achieve these in this extraordinary year.

For 2021 we have plans for some exciting new events to encourage more women (and men!) to enter competitions.  These are as follows:

Monday 13 Hole Cup – to begin in December, 2020.  This aims at new members and those who prefer to play 13 holes.  A seasonal medal will be awarded to the best score.  There will be a playoff for the trophy on the first Monday of December, 2021.  A player does not have to play every Monday.  There is no minimum number of times you need enter the competition each season.  More details will be published prior to the first Monday.

Sir James Barrett mid-week Medal – the Golf Committee, after much deliberation have decided that from January, 2021, the Mixed Medal will be played as a separate medal for Women and for Men.  It will remain as a Board event, the names of both winners of the Medal of Medalists for the Thursday competition will be inscribed on the Honour Board.  The reasons for this change resulted from studying the monthly results and considering statistics associated with this gender neutral event.  It seems that the competition will now be fairer by presenting a prize to the best woman and man player, and we look forward to some enthusiasm and healthy scores from our Thursday women.  We will still play off the Red tees.  As usual, we will play in a mixed field.

80+ Trophy – this excellent idea was introduced by Mike Callander.  There will be a monthly competition for both Women and Men aged 80+, to be played on the 1st or 2nd Thursday of each month (still to be decided) beginning in January, 2021.  It will be played off the Gold tees, a winner from the Women and from the Men each month will play off the following January, for each trophy.   Cart hire will be complimentary.  More details closer to the time.

Golf Victoria have announced that the Silver Spoon event has been cancelled, as has the Doris Chambers event.  However, the Royal Women’s Hospital 4BBB will proceed to a conclusion.  Our winners were Joan Lawson and Candy Ormerod with a very good score of 44 points.  Their score has been entered and they have a chance of winning the District, Metropolitan or overall pairs event.  The winners receive a round of golf at Royal Melbourne and the Runners Up receive a round of golf at Kingston Heath.  I wish them all the very best!

MiScore  –  as notified on the website, once golf has resumed,  you can use electronic scoring for handicapping.   Please talk to Josh if you would like more information.  When using Miscore, please do remember that phone etiquette must be observed on the course – no non-urgent calls or texts, please!

The Course 

It is looking good!  Winter conditions seem to be over.  New growth is abundant.  The greens have been cored and sanded and have received wonderful rain at the right time.

Some fairways have been “thatched” which is a process to remove dead organic matter and small poa plants from the surface.  Treatments have been applied to control poa annua and weeds, the rough has continued to be cut on a regular basis.

Ready for us will be the new path from the 17th green to meet the path to the 18th tee.  We were waiting on the final surface layer to be available and I believe this has now been applied.  No longer in the winter we will have to negotiate the slippery slide off the back of the 17th green!!

Dates to Remember

New Members Day –  Sunday 29 November
Women’s Christmas Lunch –  Wednesday 02 December

New Members

We have many new members who have joined the Club in the last 15 months.  A number of these members are graduates from Pathway to Golf and are therefore new golfers.  I would ask you, if you see an unfamiliar face at the course, please offer a warm welcome.  We all remember what it was like to be a new member.  I will talk more about this as we progress back to some normality.

I am sure I speak for all of us when I say how good it will be to be able to get out on the course, to catch up with friends, make new ones, and to see members of our staff who have also been dealing with isolation.  All stay well, do make contact with those members you may know are on their own or having a tough time.  If I can help in any way, please contact me.

I look forward to seeing you all, and to playing with as many of you as possible.

Sue Wilson
Women’s Captain

Phone: 5989 0407
Mobile: 0419 308 827


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