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Published on 15th October 2020 in Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News

The Flinders Golf Club is pleased to announce the MiScore Scoring App is now live and a free trial is available until November 1st 2020. Download the App now, ready for our return to golf.

This scoring app has recently been approved by the R&A and Golf Australia as a method of scoring to assist in COVID social distancing practices. 

Handicapping of scores will be available on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s via the app only until we are permitted to return to competition golf at which stage our normal Card scan will also be used.

Download MiScore Instructions Here…


Login Instructions

MiScore is available from the App Store on Apple phones or the Google Play Store on Android phones. Search “Miscore” and tap download.

The app will be saved to your home screen. Once the MiScore App has been downloaded and opened. 

Tap + and type your club’s name. Tap your club to select it. You can add multiple clubs by repeating this step. Any club added is saved for next round.

Login using your membership number and password as per the club website login. 


For competition/handicapping round use – Select your playing partner.  Press the continue to scoring button.

Self Scoring Feature

During COVID restrictions the club has implemented the self scoring feature within the app. The club will only allow scores for handicapping purposes via this method.

The playing partner must somehow record the players score for verification if not using the app themselves. This should be discussed amongst playing partners prior to teeing off.

At the end of the round, after you have confirmed your scores are correct, you will submit your own score instead of your playing partner’s. Verbal approval from your playing partner is required prior to submitting your score. To avoid physical contact, select the partner approval button to validate your score. The  system will then receive your score for handicapping and a copy of the score that you recorded for your playing partner for reference purposes.

Golf Australia have provided the following statement in support of these the self scoring method:

“This functionality complies with all requirements of the Rules of Handicapping and the Rules of Golf as outlined by The R&A and Golf Australia for the COVID-19 period. In addition, Golf Australia strongly supports the increased use of technology in the formal scoring process. We believe this is a significant advancement for the game of golf.”

Battery Usage

We recommend that you charge your device fully prior to play to ensure it will last the entire round or use Low power mode setting during play. Also having a backup battery device is useful. Battery usage is difficult to estimate as it will differ per device and length of play however we have built in a screen saving mode which will make turn the app into ‘Sleep Mode’ after a set period of non use.

Simply touch the devices screen to exit the Sleep mode.  You can modify the timer for the screen saver or disable it completely via the settings options. While the app is in use, it will bypass the phone lock out therefore logging out/in is not required while in play. Once the round is finished and scores are submitted the normal lockout feature should return.

As of 5th June, MiClub have added a brightness control in the Apps settings. You can adjust to a lower value to reduce battery usage. By default it is set at 80% brightness during scoring. 

We advise NOT to place your device in Flight or Airplane mode as the app requires to gather data and transmit score data back to the clubs system throughout the game.

Internet Access

As a minimum, you will need Mobile Data Connectivity (preferably 4G/5G) as the app connects to the central competition system to register for scoring and submitting scores. If loss of connectivity occurs on the course, the scores will be saved on the device until you regain access again. You will need connectivity at the point of submitting the players score to the central leaderboard system.

#Do not operate the app in Airplane mode or with Mobile Data Off.

Data Usage

Data usage can vary depending on your usage and length of play, whether you are using the distance to Pin Map services and the frequency of play. MiClub Services or the Golf Club are not responsible for any excess data usage charges that may occur from using the app. Most data usage would be in the area of the Hole /distance pin interface so if you are concerned in this area then limit its usage.

Other Features

By selecting the menu in the top right hand side of your screen, you will also find a range of additional features, including Leaderboard, Local Rules, Rules of Golf, Handicap Look Ups and MiStats. Some great tools to have in your pocket!


Q: What smartphones are compatible with the MiScore App?

A: The MiScore app is compatible with smart phones less than 6 years old, with either and Apple or Andriod operating system. Additional phone models are being added regularly.

Q: Is there a quicker way to enter scores?

A: Yes! instead of pressing the + button several times, simply press the Par value which will change the default score from 0 to the par value i.e. 3,4  or 5. Now use the + or – minus button to get to the actual gross score for the hole.

Q: How can I improve the battery life while using the app?

A: Try setting your device to ‘Low Power Mode’. Also closing other apps in the background helps to otherwise ensure you are fully charged prior to play or having a backup battery or solar charger device can be handy. 

Q: How can I see what the index value of a hole is? 

A: Press the cumulative score total value box which acts as a button to the full scorecard interface. You’ll find the indexes per hole as well as gross and net totals during the round. 

Q: I’m a member at more than one club, how can I use it at other clubs?

A: Swipe to the left on the screen showing your club logo. it will reveal the add + club option. Press this and search and select the other club. Once selected you’ll need to log in with the membership details used for each club. If you are a guest playing a comp, you can use the app by logging in with your golflink number and a default password provided by the club. 

Q: Can I access course/hole map information?

A: Yes, simply press the distance to the pin/green value in the top right corner which will revert to the hole map of the course indicating your location and the distance-line to the pin/green. You can touch different areas of the hole to provide you distances from your location as well. Useful for distance too fairway bunkers for example.

Q: Why isn’t there front and back hole distances? 

A: Ideally distance to the pin information can be provided if the club/course staff mark these with the App however if they don’t then default middle of the green distance is shown instead.

Q: Is live scoring available on the leaderboards?

A: Yes by accessing the menu and selecting leaderboards, however this is controlled by the club. The club controls on whether the online leaderboards are available during play and if live scoring (per hole) is available as well. Please note a club administrator needs to have activated this option.

Q: Can I handicap my social scores?

A: Handicapping for social scores is controlled and managed by ‘the club’ and requires golfers to be pre booked and registered prior to play inline with GA rules. When setup, it is available via the app otherwise ‘Social scoring’ in the app is NOT processed back to the club system or Golflink and doesn’t even require a booking. Speak to your golf operations person for more details. 

Q: Why am I not listed as registered in today’s comp when I’m booked in?

A: In order to use the app for competition play, you must be registered by the club first which may mean attending the proshop to pay a comp fee. Club staff are required to indicate registration on arrival and once this is done, you’ll find that re-accessing the app interface (moving from the Club logo to scoring) will show your name, tee time and starting hole. Also, you must have a registered playing partner to begin scoring (self scoring for comps is not allowed). 


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