The Golf Courses of Vern Morcom

Published on 7th October 2020 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Social News

A fantastic new book “The Golf Courses of Vern Morcom” written by Toby Cumming and published by Ryan Publishing and is available at:

This is a great read for anybody interested in history or course architecture.

Vern Morcom was in his mid-twenties when Dr Alister MacKenzie, the worlds most celebrated golf course architect, came to Black Rock to lay out Royal Melbourne West. These two men also left a small footprint at the Flinders Golf Club.

What followed for Morcom was a remarkable life in golf. Vern began his four decades as Head Greenkeeper at Kingston Heath by building its spectacular bunkers and its famous 15th hole. In his spare time , he roamed the country designing, remodeling golf courses and spreading golden age philosophies.

When he had finished in the 1960’s,no fewer than 90 courses across Australia had his imprint. This book documents for the first time, the story of these courses and the legacy of one of Australia’s most influential golf course architects.

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