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Published on 16th October 2020 in Local and Member News, Local News

Notice of the Women’s Annual Meeting

I am writing to you with the latest updates and with a Notice of the Annual Meeting to be held on Friday, 20 November at 4:00pm. This meeting will be conducted via a ZOOM Webinar. Please see the attached notice for necessary registration, apologies and further instructions.  

Notice of Women’s Annual Meeting – CLICK HERE…

It is particularly important this year, with its trials and tribulations, that we have this meeting to position ourselves in a confident and enthusiastic frame of mind to enjoy our golf and our golf club for 2021. Things can only get better, 2020 has been a tough year.

Women’s News

As I write this, we are hoping for some easing of restrictions on Sunday and that this easing will include a “back to golf and bowls”.   I am sure if we are to resume, there will still be considerable restrictions and we will make the best of these.

I have some very good news to impart to you today. Helen Higginson has agreed to be our Women’s Acting-President until the next Club AGM. Her appointment has been accepted by the General Committee. For newer members who do not know Helen, she was our Women’s President for 3 years – ’15, ‘16, ’17. At our Annual Meeting I think most of you will recognize her. I am most grateful to Helen at this time. She will sit on the General Committee until the AGM for which, as yet, no date has been announced but it is usually held in the second week of December. Here is a note from Helen:

“I am sure my appointment as acting Women’s President will come as a surprise, however, without this position being filled, Sue Wilson is without a quorum to make decisions regarding Women’s Business. Emphasis is on “acting” and I encourage you as members to consider and nominate a worthy person to undertake the position of Women’s president for the next two years”.

Helen and I make up the Women’s Committee at the moment. I would like to particularly thank the women who have expressed an interest in the Women’s Business and a preparedness to join a Women’s Committee. We will make progress to this expanded Committee soon.

We have decided that the incoming Women’s Presidency will be for a 2 year term, although Mandy’s position was to finish at the end of 2021. Mandy and I had discussed this during this year. We think it is best that the Women’s Captain and President overlap their tenures. In this way,  there is always one there with knowledge and able to assist the incoming partner. We are not re-inventing the wheel,  this has been the situation before at FGC.

Golf News 

We have updated the Supplementary Conditions of the Women’s competitions (SCOC).  These will be on the website soon as will the 2021 Syllabus. The SCOC will also be available in printed form in a folder in the locker room. 

All our golf and social plans are dependent on COVID regulations. However, we have hope that we can hold the Club Championships – 07, 14, 21 November.  It will be a level playing field, not many members will have been able to seriously practise! This could be your chance, keep an eye on the website for notices.

Concurrent with the Club Championships are the following Women’s events: Captain’s Trophy ( best aggregate nett score of rounds 2 and 3) and Bowie Trophy (C Grade – best aggregate stableford score of rounds 2 and 3).    

Medalist of Medallists – to be played hopefully on Saturday 05 December, in conjunction with the Monthly Medal. The winners of medals since last December are eligible for Medalist of Medallists. We may manage another Monthly Medal for November.

The first round of the Ann Ford Summer Cup is scheduled for Saturday 05 December,  the other 2 rounds for 09 January and 06 February.  The winner is the best aggregate nett score of all 3 rounds.

The first round of the Women’s Stableford Shield is scheduled for Thursday 07 January, followed by Thursday 14 January and Thursday 04 February ( Individual Stableford – best aggregate score of 2 of the 3 rounds).

New Events

We begin the Monday 13 Hole LJC Cup on Monday 7th December.  Lorna Conboy has developed this regular Monday Competition into something that is really popular.  Lorna has kindly offered us a trophy for this new event and in recognition of her efforts it will be known as the LJC Cup.  The details are as follows:

  • Every Monday of the year unless there are special events which prohibit play.
  • Timeslots are blocked from 11.00am -1.00pm approximately. 
  • Bookings are to be made by telephone through the Pro-shop.
  • There will be a medal winner for each season – Summer, Autumn, Winter Spring – the best Stableford Score of the season.
  • The 4 medal winners will compete for the Cup in a Matchplay format,  on the first 2 Mondays of December.
  • In each season of 3 months,  you must play 3 times.
  • There will be no handicap limit. 
  • Play will be off either the Gold or Red tees for the Women and the Gold or Blue tees for the Men.

We begin the 80 years and over (80 Plus Trophy) on the second Thursday of January, 2021.  Thereafter the event will be played monthly on the second Thursday.  The winners will be the best aggregate Stableford score over 12 months.  There will be a Women’s and a Men’s Trophy.  Complimentary carts will be provided BUT you will need to book ahead with the pro-shop.

Women’s Clinic and Lunch

Keep the date of Monday 26 April. We are planning a Women’s Clinic with Lunch for members. Josh will gather together some of his Professional colleagues for tuition of all standards of golfers, including very new ones. Participants will be allocated to a group of a similar standard and all required skills will be covered, including some course craft. 

The clinic will run from 8:00am to 12:30pm. Refreshments will be provided on course and lunch will follow with your tutors and a summary of the day.

The cost is not available as yet as we do not know what form lunch will take, nor do we know what numbers of participants will be allowed.    

More information to come as soon as we can provide it. Just keep the day free in your diary.

Can You Help?

There is a very comprehensive new hub on the website – New to Golf.  You will find it on the opening page at the end of the Index.  Do have a look.  It has been overseen by Denise Kibby and her band of helpers – Gaye Wymond, Lorna Conboy, Ros Robertson and Carol Tracey.  They have put a huge effort into this and it is a wonderful source of information, not just for new golfers. The program is to follow on from Pathway to Golf.  We need golfers with some experience to accompany these new golfers as they emerge from their programs.  Would you be available now and then to play a few holes with them?  The emphasis is on assistance with Scoring, Rules and Etiquette,  including Pace of Play.  When ready, you may work towards them gaining a handicap and then, finally,  the aim is to encourage them gently into the daily competitions – even if it is only for a few holes at first.   We would like these new members to meet others and to be introduced to the “after golf” conviviality of the clubhouse.

If you can spare some time,  could you contact me, Denise Kibby or Gaye Wymond?    Some men would be most appreciated in case you have one in the background?

Sue Wilson  –  0419 308 827
Gaye Wymond  –  0417 135 734
Denise Kibby  –  0410 637 791

Helen and I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting on 20th November.  Please encourage everyone to attend.  It will, hopefully be a unique experience – our Annual Meeting by ZOOM.  Perhaps you can be with someone else if you are not an experienced Zoomer.  Kim will be helping Helen and I from the office so it should run smoothly.

Stay well, fingers crossed for the OK for golf on Sunday.

Sue Wilson 
Women’s Captain.


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