Strength and Stretching for Golf

Published on 27th April 2021 in Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News, Social News

Keep you body, golf ready at our new Strength and Stretching Classes each Wednesday at 5:00pm in the Clubhouse. Join Pilates instructor Anna, for an hour of golf specific training, working on stability, strength, and mobility.

Golf and Pilates might not seem like a natural partnership. But, in fact, the emphasis in Pilates on rotation, spine flexibility and trunk stability means that players, both professional and recreational, can gain a lot from practising this method.

Not forgetting that Pilates can help golfers with injury prevention and injury recovery. With each repetitive movement – rotate, tilt, shift and extend – taken on a drive, golfers put themselves at risk of overusing particular muscles. This is where Pilates for golf becomes an attractive solution.

Classes will run each Wednesday in the Clubhouse on a 4 week trial period. Classes are $20 per person and payment can be made via the online timesheet. Friends and family are welcome to attend and there will be a limit of 20 per class.

Timesheets are now open and minimum numbers are required to proceed with each class.

Please click the links below to book. 

Wednesday 5th May 5:00pm – CLICK HERE

Wednesday 12th May 5:00pm – CLICK HERE

Wednesday 19th May 5:00pm – CLICK HERE

Wednesday 26th May 5:00pm – CLICK HERE

Public and Visitors may book via the online booking portal – CLICK HERE


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