80 Plus Trophy

Published on 31st May 2021 in Supplementary Conditions

 Supplementary Conditions of Competition


1. Entry

  1. The 80 Plus Trophies, Women’s and Men’s, are run concurrently with the daily competition and therefore the entry fee is included in the daily entry fee.

  2. Entry is through the Club’s online booking sheet. 

  3. Members 80 years of age and over in categories 7 day, 6 day, Veteran, Super Veteran, Life and Flexible are eligible to enter.

  4. Complimentary cart hire. To be booked with the Pro Shop.


2.     Format

  1. The format of this event is Stableford.


3.     Rules

  1. The teeing ground to be nominated by the player on the day at the Pro Shop.

  2. The winner of each trophy will be the best aggregate Stableford score over the 12 months.

  3. In the event of a tie, a countback of previous Stableford scores when all those involved played on the same day will determine the winner.

  4. The competition begins on the second Thursday in January and finishes on the second Thursday of December.

  5. The event will be conducted according to the Rules of Golf including the Flinders Golf Club (FGC) General Conditions of Competition and Local Rules.Where the word “Committee” is used in this or any of the Rules documents it will mean the Golf Committee of the FGC whose decisions will be final and binding on all competitors.

  6. Handicap: That of the day of competition


4.    General Information

  1. The winner will have their name engraved on the trophy and will be invited to Presentation Night where they will receive a trophy.

  2. The Golf Committee reserves the right to amend the event and conditions of play as necessary. 

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