New To Golf Celebrations

Published on 18th May 2021 in Golf News, Local and Member News, Members News

Amid much laughter and lively chatter, the second New to Golf program concluded last week with a small celebration in the clubhouse.

The New to Golf program is for Pathway graduates who sign up to become new members of our club. The aim is to continue to build their confidence by attempting to unravel some of the mysteries of our golf game in the areas of scoring, etiquette and rules.

We were delighted to receive this email from Mares Lindner and with her permission we can share it with you.

Dave and I would like to thank you for your wonderful New to Golf program.  We have learnt a lot, had so much fun and met so many interesting people.  We are loving our golf and are finding the people in the club so welcoming and friendly. All the help, tips and encouragement have been invaluable.

Thank you again, and it is such a lovely way to join a club and gain the confidence to join in the comps and play with and meet new people.

A new component to our program this time was a presentation of our FGC website by Kim, our Events and Marketing manager. Our website contains a wealth of information and Kim skilfully unlocked the hidden gems therein. We all learned something new, including our more experienced mentors!

Thank you once again to everyone involved who unselfishly gave of their time and expertise.

Our next New to Golf program will commence in September when the next cohort of Pathway graduates become the latest new members of the FGC!

If you would like to volunteer your expertise for two hours on a Wednesday afternoon in September/October, please contact: Gaye Wymond –  0417 135 734



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