Life Member Cup

Published on 24th June 2021 in Supplementary Conditions

Supplementary Conditions of Competition


1. Entry

  1. The Life Member Cup is run concurrently with the Men’s & Women’s daily competition and therefore entry can be made through the electronic booking system or through the proshop

  2. The entry fee is included in the standard daily competition entry fee.

  3. All Member categories are eligible to enter.


2. Format

  1. The Life Member Cup is an 18 holes handicap stroke play event.The format will be the competition of the day as scheduled in the syllabus.

  2. Tee times will be per the Flinders Golf Club online booking system

  3. The minimum field size for the event is 12.


3. Rules

  1. The event will be conducted according to the Rules of Golf including the Flinders Golf Club (FGC) General Conditions of Competition and Local Rules. Where the word “Committee” is used in this or any of the Rules documents it will mean the Golf Committee of the FGC whose decisions will be final and binding on all competitors.

  2. The event will be played from the Blue Plates (Men) / Red Plates (Women) unless otherwise indicated by the placement of movable tee markers on the day of play.

  3. For the purpose of awarding the Life Member Cup, competition Handicaps applicable for the Life Member Cup will be:                                                                                   

    • For Men: the player’s Daily Handicaps on the day of play;

    • For Women: the player’s Daily Handicaps on the day of play plus 4. This adjustment to Women’s handicaps will result in Women’s nett score being reduced by 4.This is to adjust for the current difference between the Men’s & Women’s DSRs. (Note, the Women’s Daily Handicap will be used for determining the results for the Women’s competition of the day.)                       

  4. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by a countback. The order of count back will be the best last 18. If a tie remains the count back will continue in order of last nine, last six, last three and then hole by hole from the 18th

  5. If there is a need to suspend play, the provisions set out in the FGC General Conditions of Competition will apply.


4. General Information

  1. This event is intended to show appreciation for the Life Members of the Flinders Golf Club. Life Members will be invited to attend the announcement of the winners and presentation of prizes in the clubhouse after the completion of the PM shotgun round. Members are encouraged to partake in clubhouse activities and show appreciation to Life Members for their long service & contribution of the Flinders Golf Club.

  2. The winner will have their name inscribed on the perpetual Life Member Cup trophy to be kept in the clubhouse

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