Patron’s Cup

Published on 10th June 2021 in Supplementary Conditions

Supplementary Conditions of Competition


1. Entry

  1. Entry into the competition may be made by the online booking system or through the pro shop.

  2. The entry fee is $10 per team.

  3. Member categories eligible to enter are 7 day, Veteran, Super Veteran, Life, Age based and Flexible.


2. Format

  1. The format of the event is Mixed FourBall Stableford.


3. Rules

  1. The event will be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf including the Flinders Golf Club (FGC) General Conditions of Competition and Local Rules. Where the word “Committee” is used in this or any of the Rules documents it will mean the Golf Committee of the FGC whose decisions will be final and binding on all competitors.

  2. The event will be played from the Blue plates for men and the Red plates for women unless otherwise indicated by the placement of movable tee markers on the day of play.

  3. Players (or their caddies) must not ride on any form of transportation in this event unless they are over 70 years of age or are able to produce a medical certificate acceptable to the Committee. Any approved transportation is for that purpose only and if weather protection shields are fitted, they must not be used. Penalty statement in FGC General Conditions of Competition applies.

  4. In the event of a tie the result shall be decided by count back in accordance with the procedure prescribed in the FGC General Conditions of Competition.

  5. Nearest the pins will be awarded on the 9th and 17th holes (men) and 12th and 14th holes (women).


4. General Information

  1. The winners will each receive an invitation to the annual Presentation Night.

  2. The runnersup will each receive a voucher, redeemable at the pro shop, for $15.

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