Spring Cup – 4BBB Stroke Matchplay K/O

Published on 10th June 2021 in Supplementary Conditions

Supplementary Conditions of Competition


1. Entry

  1. Entry into the competition is via the Proshop and must be received by the published closing date for entries.Entry fee per team payable at the Proshop is $10

  2. Entry is restricted to the first 16 pairs, entries close when the field has reached capacity or 7 days prior to the first round.

  3. This is a Members only 4BBB Stroke Matchplay knockout event. All current financial Members with playing rights are eligible.

  4. Pairings can be Men, Women or Mixed competing in the one competition.


2. Rules

  1. The event is conducted under the R&A Rules of Golf, the Local Rules of the Flinders Golf Club and these Conditions. The decisions of the Golf Committee in the application of these rules are final and binding on all competitors.

  2. Opponents and times will be drawn for round one in the Proshop prior to round one. Round one will be the first Tuesday in September and then played over the following 3 Tuesdays in September. Tee times will be from 11.00 am.

  3. Once the draw has been completed, there can be no change to team composition unless a situation of extreme circumstance arises at which time a team may apply to the Golf Committee for a late change providing the team’s 1st round match has not commenced.

  4. Each round of the event is played from:Women Red tees; Men Blue tees.

  5. Players will use their GA handicap on the day the match is played adjusted by the slope rating for the Red/Blue Course to obtain a daily handicap using the Handicap Lookup Chart for the Red/Blue Course.

  6. In addition, Women’s handicaps will then be adjusted in accordance with the difference of the scratch ratings. Which is an increase of 4.

  7. When strokes are given is calculated from the lowest marker’s handicap, after any adjustments above. Each player’s daily handicap is reduced by the value of the lowest markers adjusted handicap. Strokes are applied in accordance with the Match Play index on the scorecard.  


    Example using adjusted handicaps: Player A is on 7 and his partner player B is on 10. Player C is on 10 and his partner player D is on 16. Player A goes to 0, players B and C go to 3 and player D goes to 9. Players B and C receive strokes on match play index holes 1 to 3 and player D receives shots on match play index holes 1 to 9.The player who scores the lowest net stroke score on the hole shall determine the team that wins the hole.

  8. In the event a team is unable to play their match at the scheduled date & time,Golf Committee must be notified at the earliest possible time. It will be at the discretion of the Golf Committee to decide whether to set a specific date for the match to be played or extend the completion date or to award the match by default.


3.General Information

  1. The winners will be presented with a trophy at the annual presentation night.

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