Governance Review

Published on 21st October 2021 in Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News

The Committee has been actively reviewing the recommendations of the Governance Review Group (GRG) in the light of feedback received and its own further considerations.  The Committee remains keen to hold a Members Forum to discuss the recommendations especially where there is some push back from Members.  Realistically this is likely to be held early in the New Year.

Attached is a detailed summary of the GRG Recommendations, the Member feedback received, and the Committee’s current position on those recommendations.  For GRG recommendations where there was universal agreement to implement and no change to the Club Rules is required, the Committee has started to act.  

The Nominations Sub-Committee under the Chair of Bill Richardson has been formed and has already commenced its work.  At present, the Terms of Reference for this Sub-Committee have been modified from the original scope of the recommendations.  Details of the Sub-Committee composition and Terms of Reference are attached.

The Committee also took the decision to proceed to appoint a new General Manager and has appointed Mr John MacKay to that position.  We have also appointed a Hospitality and Events Manager, Madonna Walters, to manage the Clubhouse hospitality function. More details on these two appointments are also attached.

The Committee has also been working on a Strategy to take the Club forward and will be releasing a summary of that work in the next few days.

Review of Governance recommendations

Staff Appointments



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