Annual General Meeting Information

Published on 30th November 2021 in Local and Member News, Local News, Members News, Uncategorized

Nominations have now closed for the four positions on the General Committee that need to be filled; President and three general members.

I advise that one nomination was received for the position of President and three nominations were received for the general committee positions.  On that basis, there will be no need for elections for any position this year.

I am pleased that all four candidates first sought counsel from the recently formed Nominations Sub-Committee and were provided with a thorough understanding of their respective roles.  I thank this sub-committee for their work under limited time pressures this year.

The four candidates will be formally announced as elected at the Annual General Meeting but I can advise that Alan Robinson nominated for President and Gaye Wymond, Phil Hurley and Geoff Malkin nominated for general committee. 

Two of the three general committee nominees have been sitting on sub-committees this year and Alan has been on General Committee.  This has provided them with a good understanding of current issues and how things work and will enable them to start on the front foot.

Please find attached a Proxy Form for those Members who will not be attending the AGM but wish to vote for the agenda proposals shown on the proxy form.

Members can give their proxy to the Chairperson or to another Voting Member.  The Member can either allow the Chairperson or the other Voting Member to vote as they intend in which case you only need to sign on the signature line or can indicate how they wish their proxy to vote by adding crosses in the relevant box.

Proxies must be received by 5.00pm on Thursday 9th December 2021.  Proxies can be returned by post, hand delivered or electronically.  The email address for electronic return of proxies is

The attached Proxy Form 2021 will need to be downloaded, completed, then returned.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Smith


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