Congratulations Laird Gordon – Winner of October Rules Certification

Published on 17th November 2021 in Golf News, Local and Member News

Congratulations to Laird Gordon on winning a dozen balls for the month of October. Laird successfully completed his level one certificate and emailed through this to the Pro Shop. Have you completed your level one or level two certificate? Certificates must have been completed from January 2019 onwards. Submit yours now for the month of November, to have your chance of winning a dozen balls too! 

Each time we play a round, whether it be social or in competitions, we come across ruling situations that we probably haven’t dealt with for a very long time, or even at all! 

Even the Professionals require rulings in tournaments, as rules can be slightly modified or changed from previous years, so it’s always best to keep them fresh in your mind. It can be embarrassing when playing with someone that pulls you up on a ruling that you’ve had wrong all along! Even to this day, the way some golfers take relief from the roadside ditches are incorrect!

Each month we will be raffling off a dozen golf balls for those members who email their certificates through to the Pro Shop. Don’t be scared, it’s Level 1 so we should all know these rulings.

To take the test, please click on the link below:

Level 1 Rules Exam

Once you have passed the exam, please email the certificate through to the Pro Shop –

Good luck!!

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