The Longest Day

Published on 15th December 2021 in Local and Member News, Local News, Members News

Monday was The Longest Day of Golf 2021 which raises money for cancer research. FGC donated access to 32 players.

The only Flinders entrants and only women were Soontharee Wongsaenchai and the women’s new Captain, Gen Rawling.

Soontharee and Gen teed off at 6am, Gen had to finish at the end of the 3rd round due to another engagement but Soontharee went to the bitter end, completing the 72 holes at 6.20 pm.

They took only short breaks between their rounds, unlike some players who chose to shower and change between rounds! The temperature rose to 31 degrees and was hot and oppressive requiring the need to hydrate well and as Soontharee demonstrated halfway through the final round when she started to “flag”, she needed a sugar hit which got her across the finishing line – tired but happy and looking forward to a plunge in her pool and a long soak in the bath.

There was no specific competition but Soontharee and Gen chose to play stroke and count their strokes. Soontharee finished with 367 strokes off the stick over 72 holes.
Not only was this a real endurance test, it profiled the opportunity to support the players by donating to cancer research.

Donations can be made to: www.longest

Congratulations to all those that entered and took part!

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