Competitions Suspended

Published on 19th July 2020 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News
We have received advise from the Victorian Department of Health via Golf Australia that, ‘Club competitions must not be conducted’.
Unfortunately until we receive further notice from Golf Australia there will be no competitions on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
Our Golf Committee have agreed to extend the entry closing date of the Captains Trophy (M) until the 15th August. Round 1 will need to be completed by the 5th September (round 2 completion date) and so on. The final will be on Saturday 31st October.
Thank you for your continuing support and understanding during these turbulent times.
Kind Regards,
Dean Burrows


3 comments on “Competitions Suspended”

  1. PeterK Williams says:

    In addition, I presume we must now wear a mask whilst playing.

  2. Kim Moran says:

    In reply to Peter’s comment – one would assume that given we are playing in two balls, without comps now and all other restrictions that masks would only be required in and around the pro shop and car park?

  3. Michael Sutcliffe says:

    Why are other clubs still having competitions and not Flinders
    If you have a background of Asthma do you need a certificate not to wear a mask whilst playing ??
    Feel free to contact me

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