Flinders Cup

Published on 23rd June 2021 in Supplementary Conditions

Using the same format & structure as the FedEx Cup on the PGA Tour, we have our Flinders Cup.

Designed to encourage continuous play between March 2021 and August 2021

Entry Fee

$10 entry fee with all moneys going into the respective Men and Women’s prize pools.

Flinders Cup Season

There is one Flinders Cup with a Men’s and Women’s winner and is open to all financial members with playing rights. Points are awarded at three levels, for competition only.

  • Individual Saturday Competitions, playing in primary competition of the day award 550 Flinders Cup points to the winner.
  • Saturday Monthly medal Rounds, playing in primary competition of the day award 600 Flinders Cup points to the winner.
  • Tuesday and Thursday, playing in the individual primary competition of the day award 300 Flinders Cup points to the winner.
  • No points will be awarded for gender neutral, mixed or teams’ events.

The TOUR Season point’s standings will carry over to the Flinders Cup Playoffs.

Note: Points will be awarded to all players based on their individual finishing position in an event, as per the below table.

During the Season, members earn points based on their results, with a strong emphasis placed on winning and high finishes.

Once the Season concludes, the top–50 players in both the men’s and women’s fields advance to the Flinders Cup Playoffs, a series of two events, the first for 50 players offering double points and the second for 30 players offering triple points relative to Season events.

Format is as follows:

The top 50 players from the Season, will be eligible to play in the Flinders Cup Playoffs. In the event that any top qualifying players are unable or chooses not to play in the opening Playoff event, the field will be shortened, and no alternates will be added.

The Flinders Cup Playoffs will feature a progressive cut through the first two events to determine the final 20 players who qualify for the TOUR Championship.

1st Playoff: The Saturday immediately prior to the September Sir James Barrett Midweek Medal: Double Points

2nd Playoff: September Sir James Barrett Midweek Medal: Triple Points

Flinders Cup Final: October Saturday Monthly Medal: Quadruple Points. (Date subject to AFL Grand Final).

At the conclusion of the 2nd playoff event the top 20 players in both fields in the Flinders Cup points standings will be eligible for the Tour Championship will be based on their points total. The top points winner for men or women must play in the Tour Championship to be eligible for a prize. Following the Tour Championship, the points each player earns based on their finish at the Tour Championship will be added to their points and the player with the highest point total will be named winner of the Flinders Cup. In the event of a tie a 3–hole playoff, on a date set by the Golf Committee will be conducted on the 1st,17th and 18th holes, and if still tied, then sudden death over 1, 17,18 until a winner is determined




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