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Published on 21st October 2021 in Uncategorized

The General Committee has agreed to establish a Nominations Sub-Committee as recommended by the Governance Review Group Report. The Nomination Committee will assist in the process of encouraging Members for the various Office Bearer and Committee positions, as well as addressing succession planning.

Another purpose of the Nomination Committee is to acquaint prospective candidates with the responsibilities and commitments involved with being on the General Committee.

Members are advised that the vacancies at the next AGM in December 2021 will be the position of President and 3 Committee members. In addition, the position of Captain will be vacated at the AGM in 2022 and it is recommended that experience be gained on the General Committee before nominating for this appointment.

Please contact one of the following members of the Nomination Committee if you wish to consider nominating for the General Committee.

    Geoff Knorr        0438 120 238

   Joc McLeish        0419 511 598

   Bill Richardson 0418 587 816

   Ray Smith           0413 084 453

   Jane Chidgey      0412 673 437

We will then provide documentation on the Terms of Reference of the Committees, desirable qualities as a candidate and a summary of responsibilities and commitments.

Anyone interested in volunteering to assist on the Sub Committees is also encouraged to approach the Nomination Committee.

The General Committee stresses that a Member may nominate as Office Bearer or as a Committee member for the General Committee without going through the Nomination Committee.  However, the General Committee feels that the new process will improve the communication to Members; examine more closely succession planning; be more pro active in seeking candidates for the vacancies; and provide candidates with more information on what is involved in being on a Committee.

We look forward to assisting and encouraging new candidates stepping up to assist our Club in its ongoing governance responsibilities.

Bill Richardson


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