2021 Strategic Story

Published on 10th November 2021 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News, Local News, Members News, Social News

Dear Member,

We have had a busy but interrupted year under COVID restrictions. 

Throughout this period, the Committee has maintained a firm policy of following Government and Golf Australia directives.  This has led to several changes of operating procedures over the journey but we felt it was the best policy to strictly comply at all times with current directives and no more.

Members have continued to remain very loyal and understanding.  We have hopefully seen the last of lockdowns and the closing of Club facilities with a return to normality soon.


The Annual General Meeting this year will be held on Friday 10th December at 7.30pm in the Clubrooms.  The Annual Report will be sent out to Members a few weeks prior to that and the Committee looks forward to as many Members as possible attending.

Nominations for Committee positions are now open with a closing date of 25 November 2021.  Forms for nominations are linked below.  They are also available in hard copy in the Office.

Any member can be nominated by two voting members on the form.  The Nominations Sub-committee is well established now and would be happy to talk to any interested members and can provide details of expectations and commitments involved.

Committee email address

A separate email address has been established for Members wishing to directly make contact with the General Committee.

The email address is generalcommittee@flindersgolfclub.com.au.  This email address will be monitored regularly to ensure a quick response to any Members queries or issues that require Committee attention.

Club Strategy

The Committee has for several months been working on an updated Strategic Direction for the Club.  A great amount of work has been put into dedicated facilitated sessions.

It is intended to provide an opportunity to discuss the Strategy in more detail early in the New Year but, in the meantime, attached is a Summary Overview of the outcome of the Committee’s deliberations has been produced.  This slide show has audio commentary accompanying it to outline the process followed and how the outcomes were reached.  The audio version can be accessed through the website.

Hopefully, Members will find it an informative and useful presentation.  There are many action plans, both short and medium term, that sit behind the Overview and several of these are now underway.


Now that the weather is slowly improving, I hope all members can enjoy some good golf on our great golf course.

Kind regards,

Jeff Smith

President nomination form 2021

Committee nomination form 2021






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