Warrant Officers Cup – 36 Holes – Par Event

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Supplementary Conditions of Competition


1 .Entry

  1. Entry into the competition is via the electronic timesheet system.

  2. An entry fee of $50 (inclusive of lunch) is payable when registering for the event at the pro-shop prior to commencement of the AM round.

  3. Eligible Member categories are 7 Day, Veteran, Super Veteran, Life, Age Based, Junior and Flexible.

  4. Please refer to FGC Syllabus / Calendar of Events published on the FGC website for the date.


2. Rules

  1. The event is conducted under the R&A Rules of Golf, the Local Rules of the Flinders Golf Club, and these conditions. The decisions of the Golf Committee in the application of these rules are final and binding on all competitors.

  2. The event is a major Club event and play shall be from the black plates teeing ground. In the situation where black plastic tee markers are in place these will override the plates and define the forward limit of the teeing ground.

  3. Competitors and caddies must not ride on any form of motorised transportation in this event unless they are over 70 years of age or have submitted a medical certificate, which is acceptable to and has been approved by the Golf Committee. Any approved transportation is for that purpose only and if weather protection shields are fitted, they must not be used. Penalty statement in FGC General Conditions of Competition applies.

  4. Players must report to the starter (pro shop) at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled tee time. In the event the tee is running ahead of time groups will be expected to be ready to hit off prior to their scheduled booking. The starter has the authority to move individual players or groups to ensure the field moves promptly.

  5. In the situation where a group loses its position in the field and is continually causing the following group to wait on shots, the group who have lost position must immediately stand aside and call the waiting group through.

  6. Scores are to be lodged at the Pro-Shop immediately upon completion of the AM round and immediately upon completion of the PM round.

  7. In the event of a tie, a count back will be conducted. The order of count back will be the best last 18. If a tie remains the count back will continue in order of last nine, last six, last three and then hole by hole from the 18th hole of the second round. This procedure will also apply to ties in the Best AM and Best PM rounds.

  8. If it becomes necessary for play in the event to be suspended and it is not possible for all entrants to complete 36 holes, the event will be replayed in its entirety on a date to be determined by the Golf Committee.


3. Event Information 

  1. The event prizes offered are Pro-Shop vouchers:

     Overall Winner (36 holes) $150; Runner Up $75; 3rd$40; Ball rundown $5 (20 in total)

     Best AM round $25; Best PM round $25; NTP’s for each of AM & PM rounds $10 on the 9th, 12th, 14th and 17th holes. NTP 2nd shot for each of AM & PM rounds $50 on the 3rd hole.

    ii. A break between rounds of 45 minutes for lunch has been scheduled. PM start times must be adhered to and in the event that the morning round exceeds 4 hours the designated time for lunch will be reduced accordingly.

   iii. The winner will receive an invitation to the annual presentation night where they will be presented with a trophy.


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