Practice Fairway Use

Published on 21st May 2022 in Course News, Golf News, Local and Member News

The SAFETY of all persons in or near the Practice Area is ESSENTIAL at all times

The Practice Area has 2 zones – the eastern end for mid-range practice and the western end for short game practise. In each zone, practise is restricted to the area designated by either rope or cones.

Practise must be undertaken in by playing shots from the designated area to the east or west, unless using the practice bunker or the chipping green. No shots shall be played in a north or southward direction

The conditions displayed on the signs at each zone must be adhered to without exception

The limits of the Practice Area is the closely mown area

Golfers when using the Practice Area MUST

  • Register with the pro shop (during hours of operation)
  • Follow the instructions provided by the pro shop and signage on the Practice Area
  • Not practise in the area between the 2 zones as this is strictly prohibited
  • Collect balls from the area between the 2 zones as quickly as possible, using the equipment provided
  • Suspend or modify practise to permit players to collect balls from the area between the two zones SAFELY
  • Retrieve and return balls to the practice fairway that have been inadvertently hit beyond the closely mown surface into the areas of rough adjacent to the 16th and 18th fairways
  • Repair (and sand) divots and generally care for the area
  • Players not adhering to pro shop instructions and/ or signage on the Practice Area WILL BE requested to cease practise and leave the area


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