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R&A Rules Skool

The Rules Skool Open is targeted for younger and beginner golfers to give them the basics of the Rules of Golf and have fun in an entertaining way. Click the… Read More

23rd February 2021

Robbo’s Rules

Over the next few months we will be running a series of lighthearted, and hopefully entertaining golf rules instructional videos which will be presented by Alan Robinson. With the Mixed… Read More

10th February 2021

New To Golf 6 Week Program

Hello and Welcome! Come and play with experienced golfers and learn more about the Etiquette, Rules and Scoring in the wonderful world of golf. This new six week program combines… Read More

25th September 2020

Care of the Course

Click the links below to find useful information regarding Course Care and Courtesy on course.  Care of the Course – Buggies and Carts Care of the Course – Divots and… Read More

25th September 2020

Etiquette of the Game of Golf

Etiquette of the Game of Golf Always arrive at least 20mins before your tee time. This enables you to check in at the Pro Shop and be relaxed and ready… Read More

24th September 2020

The Basics to Golf

Equipment, Swing Basics, Rules Basics and Definitions There is so much to learn when you are just starting out to play golf. The good news is there are also many… Read More

23rd September 2020

Pace of Play and Handy Hints

Pace of Play and Handy Hints  First and foremost, your place in the field is: Behind the group in front. Not in front of the group behind. Ready Golf is… Read More

22nd September 2020

Ready Golf

Ready Golf Watch the video below for some useful tips to play Ready Golf. 

21st September 2020

Understanding Stableford Scoring

Understanding Stableford Scoring Stableford is the most popular way of scoring at club level. Scoring Stableford The number of points awarded on each hole is determined based on comparison of… Read More

20th September 2020

How To Acquire a Handicap

How To Acquire a Handicap Whether you aspire to become a pennant player or a social golfer, the next step is that you really need to acquire your handicap, in… Read More

19th September 2020

Harry and Sally – Holes 1 – 9

The story below is a quirky, slightly humorous attempt to help beginner golfers understand the complexities of the game of golf in the areas of Rules (Reference R&A Player’s Edition… Read More

17th September 2020

Types of Golf Play

Types of Golf Play The two basic forms of playing golf are MATCH PLAY and STROKE PLAY, and at club level STABLEFORD (which is a form of Stroke Play), is… Read More

16th September 2020

‘Bogey Golfer’ in the Handicap System, Course & Slope Rating

In common usage, “bogey golfer” means a golfer who averages about one bogey per hole. (A bogey is a golf score of 1 over par on an individual hole. If… Read More

15th September 2020

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14th September 2020