How To Acquire a Handicap

Published on 20th April 2023 in New to Golf

How To Acquire a Handicap

Whether you aspire to become a pennant player or a social golfer, the next step is that you really need to acquire your handicap, in other words, you need to obtain your golf licence!

This is not an onerous process.

  • New members attaining a handicap will need to submit 3 cards marked by a Member. (The cards can be in or out of competition.) The cards must be a total equivalent to 3, 18 hole rounds. For example, two 9 hole rounds will count for one 18 hole card.
  • Your playing partner (the member) will fill in the scorecard for you by recording the number of strokes for each hole.
  • If you reach 9 strokes on a hole, you can pick up your ball and move to the next hole.
  • Keep your Scorecards safe.
  • When you have your 3 scorecards, please give them to Josh. He will send them to Golf Australia. (G.A)
  • Voila! Golf Australia will allocate you a handicap. This is known as your official GA Handicap.
  • Golf Australia will also allocate a GOLF Link Number -unique to you. By logging on to, players can monitor their scores and view their most up-to-date handicap.
  • FGC maximum Daily Handicap limit is 36 for men and 45 for women.

Flinders Golf Club offers you several options to develop your golf game. Don’t forget to download the MiScore App.

Monday 13 hole Competition:

  • Ring the Pro Shop to book as there are tee off times reserved exclusively for New To Golf members.
  • Usually starts around 11.00 a.m.
  • Women can play off the red or the gold tees; Men, the blue or the gold tees.
  • A great way to gain your handicap and play with an experienced member.
  • Usually followed with a drink and a chat at the Club house
  • Please contact Lorna Conboy – Mobile: 0407 139 394


Please choose from the list below of experienced FGC members who have volunteered to help you obtain your handicap. Don’t be shy. They are expecting your call

Gaye Wymond           0417 135 734
Lorna Conboy            0407 139 394
Anne Maree Dyer      0425 702 416
Gary Robertson         0418 387 175
Carol Tracey              0410 512 880
Bob Tracey                0428 582 890

Welcome and we look forward to playing a round of golf with you at the Flinders Golf Course!

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