Hole 6

The Hill

When a south-easterly breeze is blowing, swooping hang gliders provide a unique backdrop to this hole.

A difficult driving hole with a blind tee shot up and over the hill, best line is right of centre to avoid the mounding in the left rough with any tee shot starting left a good chance to disappear over the cliff-top. Take one more club to compensate for an uphill approach, and when on the green remember the putt will break towards the sea.

Pro’s Tip

Tough Par 4 uphill all the way again with OOB on left hand side. Club selection is key as approach shots not hit to the middle of green or beyond usually roll back off the sloping green.

MEN Par 4


Black tee:385 m

Blue tee:349 m

White tee:343 m

Red tee:343 m

Gold tee:215 m

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