Hole 9

Tea House

A tough shot to a narrow green, bunkered both left and right, this Par 3 is at the highest point on the course, and wind consideration is important with club selection.  If the tee shot does not bring a smile, look to the right as you leave the tee and the view will certainly remind you that a bad day on the golf course beats a good day at the office.

Pro’s Tip

Par 3 at the top of the course and club selection varies depending on wind. There never feels like there’s much wind on the protected tee but there always is. Much easier to make a 3 if your tee shot is from short of the green. Phil Mickelson can’t get up and down from the green side trap left!

MEN Par 3


Black tee:174 m

Blue tee:166 m

White tee:161 m

Red tee:161 m

Gold tee:125 m

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